Reformer Pilates

At Postura, we utilise your own body resistance or spring resistance to improve muscular tone and define your body shape. The spring resistance applied by each Pilates reformer is partial load with no impact, which means you get all the benefits of resistance-based exercise without the injuries. Each Pilates exercise is focused on activating stability muscles which control each joint in the body. This will improve your body awareness and postural control.  Reformer Pilates classes are 60 minutes with a maximum of 6 people.  With small classes, we can provide more individualised instruction, based on your own physical needs. 

A 60-minute session using Pilates equipment (reformers/cadillac/barrels/wunda chair) and mat work. Our sessions are suitable to everyone who is recovering from knee and back injuries, high level athletes, pregnant women and many other conditions.

Classes are limited to 5 participants in which allow the instructor/physiotherapist to assist you much closer and modify or adjust exercises to suit your particular needs.  Before attending this class, you must complete an Initial Assessment.

Mat Pilates

At Postura, we understand that sometimes people want a more full-body experience.  Mat Pilates is performed on thick mats so that you’ll be comfortable down on the floor

We offer mat Pilates in small groups of 8 for 60 minutes. Our popular mat sessions combine both mat exercises with small equipment for an invigorating 60-minute workout. We have an extensive array of classes listed on our class timetable, catering for clients of all levels. Our classes are instructed by highly trained professionals who provide individual feedback throughout the session and tailor the class to suit the needs of those attending.

Limited to 7 participants per session.  Before attending this class, you must complete an Initial Assessment.

Barre Pilates

Barre Pilates is a mix of Pilates with the precision of ballet movements. This class focuses on posture, flexibility, balance and toning.  Barre Pilates is a 60-minute full body exercise where we can adapt the exercises for Injury Rehab, pregnant, athletics and everyone who likes exercise and have fun.

Our high qualified team of Physiotherapists, Pilates Instructors and Ballerinas will give a great support for you get the most of every session.

You don’t need to be a dancer or know any ballet moves. This class is designed for everyone who is looking for a low impact exercises with a mild cardio workout.

It’s easy to get started, all you have to do is call us and book in for an Initial Pilates Consultation with one of our experienced instructors and/or physiotherapist. Throughout this assessment we will perform a postural analysis, assess any area of concern, teach the key principles of Pilates and provide you with some exercises for practise at home (if you desire). We will also discuss your personal health and fitness goals, ensuring we not only reach these goals, but exceed them.  Before attending this class, you must complete an Initial Assessment.

Studio Pilates

We have created a new class for those enjoy a smaller class with a tailored and personal feel. Before attending this class, you must complete an Initial Assessment. From this assessment each client will specify what and where they would like to work on, from this the instructor will guide each client through a program that suits their personal goals and needs.

Private Pilates


Postura Pilates understands that sometimes you need more intensive and tailored sessions.  We offer One (private Pilates) or Two on One sessions that are designed specifically to reach your goals and requirements. Private Pilates at Pulse is held by physiotherapists or highly training Pilates instructors. These sessions allow for greater progression and development and are a must for anyone requiring that individual attention.

What clients do we recommend private Pilates Sessions?

· Absolute beginners

· People who wants more individual attention

· Clients who have specific Injuries.

· People with specific goals and looking for faster result/recover

· People wanting more privacy

· Time restricted people

LPF - Low Pressure Fitness

Low Pressure Fitness is a breathing technique combined with postural positions aiming the reduce of back pain, stress level and recovering diastase (abdominal separation) caused by pregnancy.

LPF is a program for men and women of all ages that are seeking to train the true function of their core.