Our physiotherapy practice

We focus on spinal rehabilitation and the musculoskeletal holistic approach. That means that we have passion for the different ways the body connects. We strive to treat the underlying causes of pain by treating the body as a whole.

Some of the Techniques we use

GPR (Global Postural Rehabilitation)
The Mckenzie method 
IASTM – Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation
Manual therapy – hands on muscle release techniques

Who is in charge of your rehabilitation or recovery?

No one knows your body like you do!
As your physiotherapist, we want to use our knowledge and experience to not only understand your body and symptoms but also use it to help you understand. We want to be your physical health coach.
We aim to bring you awareness, teach you how to treat your own body and give you the tools to prevent the reoccurrence of symptoms for a long term treatment benefit.

Our set up

Our physiotherapy services are offered in a private treatment room. We also have a fully equipped pilates studio available to assist with all of our tailored rehabilitation programs.

Appointment length

Our initial assessment is one hour long. this time will allow us to sit down with you to gather all your medical history, talk about your concerns and determine your goals. We then Perform a thorough assessment, discuss the best plan and also have time to get started with the first step of your treatment.
Our follow up sessions are 45 min long so we can give you the attention you deserve every time.

Frequent conditions we treat

Lower back pain
Shoulder impingement
Sciatic nerve pain
Neck pain
Tension headache
Plantar fasciitis
Diastasis recti or abdominal separation
Postural spine conditions like scoliosis, hyper kyphosis and hyper lordosis.

We offer customised treatment

More than treating specific conditions, our passion is to treat you as a individual. Mapping your body and considering your symptoms as well as your routines and your goals will give us a unique plan of treatment and Preventative measures.