Claire Jenkins

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor

I went to my first yoga class over 20 years ago, however I began practicing regularly after a breast cancer diagnosis and bilateral mastectomy in 2013. Since that experience, yoga has played a significant role in helping me to find my sense of identity, make peace with the many challenges of life, and feel strong in my body and soul. I’m now deeply grateful for the opportunity to share yoga with others.

I teach a vinyasa style of yoga, where poses are sequenced one after the other to create a “moving meditation” that’s both invigorating and nurturing. I also teach restorative yoga, where props such as bolsters and blocks are used to support the body in poses that are held for longer periods of time, helping the body to melt and the mind to find a space of peace and calm.

My classes are suitable for beginner and intermediate students, and are generally structured to include some breath-focussed meditation, a series of floor-based and standing poses, and finish with a restorative pose where the attention returns to the breath.

I’m also a Pilates (mat work) instructor, I’ve completed Certificate 3 in Fitness and hope to complete Certificate 4 this year, and I’m starting a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology in July. I have a strong interest in science and evidence-based practice, and I aim to teach at the intersection of ancient yogic wisdom and contemporary science knowledge.

Finally, I have 3 children, 2 (very large) dogs and a husband, I work fulltime in another career, and I enjoy gardening and going to the gym – I love being busy and active, but I’m never too busy to fit in yoga!